What type and size of mattress should you get for your bedroom?

A lot of people are often confused with the differences between the types and sizes of mattresses that are available today. In general, all of these categories including memory foam, polyfoam, visco-elastic and latex foams are actually under the huge umbrella of the foam mattress. The main difference lies within the content and density of the foam itself, which vary depending on the manufacturing process. As for the size, well you have approximately 11 different ones, ranging from a single cot to a super king or athletic king size mattress. Let’s talk about the mattress types first.

The memory foam in a mattress uses visco-elastic foam instead of the more common polyurethane foam, which is why the term “memory foam” is often used interchangeably with “visco-elastic foam”. They are, for all intents and purposes, the same thing. However, in certain cases, an innerspring mattress can have a memory foam layer in its upholstery as well and be passed off as a memory foam mattress.


Plenty of mattress stores do this nowadays because memory foam mattresses are simply much more popular and are usually sold at a premium compared to innerspring mattresses. By simply adding a top layer of memory foam onto an innerspring mattress, they are deemed to be a hybrid mattress or passed off simply as a memory foam mattress. You should be careful and keep this in mind when deciding on which mattress type and size to buy.


Memory foam is usually preferred thanks to its widely popular features of being able to relieve back or joint pain. You might also have come across complaints regarding memory foam being “hot” while in use. It really depends on the current temperature of the room in which you’re sleeping in and also the size of your mattress. The best king size mattress will certainly come with a gel-infused layer at the top for temperature regulation. In case you’re wondering, this is the king size mattress I was talking about. Since memory foam essentially absorbs the heat/cold and will change in density consequently, it helps to keep this in mind before sending the mattress back to the manufacturer because you might have thought that it has lost its firmness or otherwise. A memory foam mattress is extremely flexible in this sense. Additionally, its softness will adjust accordingly based on your body weight as well. This means that a heavier person might feel that the mattress is a lot firmer compared to a light-weight person.

Foam mattresses, as a whole, sleeps a lot warmer compared to innerspring mattresses. So, if you have a problem with heat or if you live in a hot country, you should consider getting an innerspring mattress instead. Don’t even think about getting other forms of foam mattresses because the alternatives such as latex will feel even warmer than visco-elastic foam. If you’ve grown bored of innerspring and would like to try something new, I’d suggest air or even water mattresses. With multiple chambers in each mattress, you’re basically allowed to control and tweak the overall density of your bed by simply pumping in more water or air into it. Better yet, if you have a partner that has different preferences in the firmness, he or she could adjust his side accordingly without affecting yours at all.